Help for when you call in sick

You may get more sympathy if you can toss these terms around.  You're welcome.  From The Week.

Your doctor just broke the news to you: you have a bad case of rhinorrhea. Not only that, you've a touch of oscitancy and a bit of sudation, too. 
Prognosis? You have a runny nose, you're yawning, and you're sweaty. All of which adds up to, while not exactly a pretty picture, nothing too serious. 
Here are 10 more conditions that sound more serious than they actually are. 
"Wind is like the human breath, rain like secretions, and thunder like borborygmus." 
Ch'ung Wang, Lun-hêng: Philosophical essays of Wang Chʻung, 1907 
Borborygmus is the sound of a rumbling tummy caused by gas. The word comes from the Greek borboryzein, "to have a rumbling in the bowels," and is imitative in origin.


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