With friends like these...

So all I have to do is convince my friends I'm conscientious, and I'll live longer?  I guess that's not exactly how it works.  From The Week.

Your friends sort of know when you'll die
Your friends know you better than you know yourself. They even know how long you've got to live. Well, roughly speaking they do. 
It's not that they've got extrasensory perception, time machines, or membership in the secret conspiracy that surrounds you. It's just that psychological traits like conscientiousness and emotional stability are decent predictors of longevity, and your friends' beliefs about your traits are, when averaged, more reliable than your own. 
Researchers know that personality traits affect health — conscientiousness, for example, turns out to be a pretty good predictor for risk of death. But the studies linking personality, health, and mortality are limited because they rely on participants' assessments of their own personalities. Apart from the bias that might introduce, it's also privy to external factors which could sway the participant — say, the weather that day. Fixing this validity problem would take a study in which researchers asked someone else — preferably friends, who see one another in a variety of situations — about individuals' personalities.


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