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That Kmart reference probably dates me.  Here's Virginia's concept of a bare-bones degree. Should this come to pass, it would a good job for a continuing educator to implement.  We're used to working with multiple institutions to help a student to complete a degree.  From The Washington Post.

Virginia House: State should offer a bachelor’s degree for $16,000
Virginia’s House of Delegates envisions the state offering a bachelor’s degree for the bargain price of $16,000. 
The House unanimously approved a bill by Del. Ben Cline (R-Rockbridge) that would require the state to develop options for a “cooperative” four-year degree priced at about $4,000 a year. The bill envisions students amassing credits through online education, community colleges and four-year colleges. 
“This new offering would help Virginia families access a college education who may have otherwise found it unaffordable. We’re proud of Virginia’s universities that regularly rank among the best in the nation, and this legislation will help more Virginians access that world-class education,” Cline said in a statement.

The idea echoes proposals for a $10,000 bachelor’s degree that emerged a few years ago in Texas, Florida and other states. 
Tuition and fees at the public University of Virginia for state residents total about $13,000 for the current academic year. The comparable annual price at the private University of Richmond and Washington & Lee University is more than $45,000. Those prices don’t include room and board.


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