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Good advice for writing.  Good advice for social media marketing. American Express Open Forum.
Some interesting demographic information from

Creating an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy
Know the Demographics 
Knowing where your target audience hangs out can help you decide which social media channels are more likely to pay dividends for your efforts. There's a wealth of regularly updated research to show a busy small-business owner the audience make-up of the various social media sites. Two sources are Pew Research Internet Project and Business Intelligence. 
Here's the latest we know about the demographics for the most popular social media sites: 
Facebook: Facebook continues to get the giant share of users, with 71 percent of Internet users now using the site. Fully 70 percent visit the site daily, and almost 50 percent engage with the site more than once a day. Thirty-one percent of all seniors aged 65 and over are also spending time here. 
Pinterest: Females dominate Pinterest. Forty-two percent of online women use the site, compared to just 13 percent of online men. 
LinkedIn: This platform attracts 28 percent of all Internet users. A larger proportion of those enrolled in it have a college education. 
Instagram: More than 50 percent of all online young adults, aged 18-29, use Instagram. 
Twitter: Twenty-three percent of online adults use Twitter, and the largest demographic here is those aged 18 to 29. Currently, more men than women are Twitter users. 
Google+: A survey conducted by Forrester shows that approximately 22 percent of the U.S. adult online population visit Google+ each month.


Johny said…
Knowing where your audience hangs out is the best way to target them. It could be Facebook groups, LinkedIn discussion groups, Instagram accounts, different university-specific apps, etc. It's not enough to post from the university's various accounts.

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