Memphis is number four

Our poorest cities.  From CBS Money Watch.

America's 11 poorest cities
4. Memphis, Tennessee
  • Percentage of incomes under $25,000: 34.9%
  • Percentage of population with bachelor's degree: 23.7%
  • Percentage of incomes over $150,000: 4.8% (#30, tied with Columbus)
  • Total population: 650,932
One of the worst unemployment rates for a major American city -- along with a shrinking tax base, urban blight and a high violent crime rate -- all attest to Memphis' economic problems. 
A report by Elena Delavega at the University of Memphis noted the majority of Memphis' poor are black or Hispanic. The city's poverty rates for minorities are higher across every age category, compared to non-Hispanic whites. And she said nearly half of the city's children live below the poverty line. 
"We need to support mothers," she told CBS affiliate WREG last year. "We need child care that is affordable. We need better public transportation." 
Many of the poor in Memphis rely on public transportation to get them to jobs that, due to Tennessee's lack of a minimum wage, are 11 percent below the national average in minimum wage pay.


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