Morning has broken

My starting ritual involves coffee. Lots of coffee. Here are some tips to improve your morning productivity from Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

The Morning Routine Experts Recommend For Peak Productivity
Here’s what we can put together from listening to all the experts: 
Stop reacting. Get up before the world starts making demands so you can figure out what’s important to you. 
Decide what matters today. You won’t get everything done, so what will move the needle? What will let you end the day feeling like you accomplished something? No more than 3 goals. 
Use your “magic hours” for those three things. Your peak productivity time is probably an hour or two after you wake up. If you know your best hours are at another time, fine. Protect your “magic hours.” 
Have a starting ritual. Go to the place where you get stuff done. Get your coffee. Anything that tells your brain it’s time to rock. 
When things go sideways, use “positive procrastination.” If you can’t tackle the super scary thing, do the pretty scary thing. Designating a super scary thing in advance as a decoy can make that pretty scary thing much easier. 
We’re all trying to achieve work-life balance. You’re not going to get everything done. But start the day right and you can definitely accomplish what matters. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:
You can do anything once you stop trying to do everything.


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