A non-credit opportunity

And no, you can't really major in Britney Spears. Popular culture, now that's another matter or another major. But as an old English major, I can't throw stones. I enjoy popular culture studies and would certainly enjoy this course. From The Daily Beast.

Majoring in Britney Spears in Brooklyn: A Greenpoint Class Offers ‘Britney Spears 101’
They’re all here for a 90-minute presentation titled, “Britney Spears: Goddess, Feminist Icon, Pop Priestess,” a quirky but semi-serious workshop that discusses the singer’s unique role in feminism, sexuality, and pop culture. Call it nostalgic, call it crazy, but it keeps selling out. 
“I think the workshop has tapped into something. I don’t know if I would have put my finger on it beforehand, but I think there’s some kind of movement going on,” said Rachel Goldberg, co-creator of the Spears workshop, which she runs out of her apartment with business partner Suri Ratnatunga.


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