Iowa a haven for hipsters?

Evidently, as three of the top nineteen cities can be found in the Hawkeye State.  Ames, Iowa City, and West Des Moines. None in Tennessee, unsurprisingly. Although I've spotted a few in Knoxville. From CBS Moneywatch.

The definition of hipster is admittedly squishy -- this is not a group easily forced into stereotypes --but they are generally thought to share some characteristics. They have an "effortless nonchalance," according to FindTheHome. Their preferences cross societal lines, blending cheap beer and organic food, wordly cynicism and an aspirational idealism, recycled furniture and ultra-cool clothes. 
Those are tough characteristics to measure, so FindTheHome took an easier route and looked at four attributes that it thinks hipster cities have in common:
Young people. Hipsters can be any age, of course, but they're more likely to be between 20-34.
Education. A high percentage have a bachelor's degree.
Cafes. Where else would you debate the best method for brewing pour-over coffee?
Yoga studios. Because apparently hipsters and yoga are BFFs.
So when you look at the country through those hipster-colored lenses, what do you see?


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