Iowa's three-year degrees

These degrees aren't accelerated, like you might think. Instead, students are required to carry a heavier load and work harder and more efficiently.  Year round.  It's hard to understand why most programs couldn't be completed in three years under those conditions. From The Gazette.

UI names majors open to three-year degrees
UI President Mason in the fall announced plans to begin offering three-year bachelor’s degrees in fall 2015, and on Thursday she specified the majors available under the “Iowa Degree in Three” program. 
Students majoring in communication studies, English, history, international studies, marketing, and theatre arts will have the option of pursuing a degree in the shortened time frame. After enrolling in the program and beginning classes, interested students will meet with advisers, establish “checkpoints” through their colleges and departments, and outline other requirements to keep them on track. 
The three-year options require the same number credits as four-year degrees, but they’ll require students be more aggressive by taking a heavier course load and proceeding at a faster pace. For starters, students can use the university’s new summer grant program, which offsets the cost of resident tuition for summer study. And colleges and departments can approve alternate courses or waivers when necessary to expedite the student’s progress. 
Mason said the first majors chosen for the three-year degree program are among the institution’s most popular.


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