Adjuncts speak

Those who want a full-time faculty position are pretty-much miserable. Those who don't are pretty satisfied.  From The Pacific Standard.

Survey: The State of Adjunct Professors
Due to the overwhelming response, we hosted a survey in early March to collect information about current and former adjunct professors. This is not a scientific survey (as many of our respondents, of course, pointed out) but it provides at least a partial picture of what adjunct professors face in the employment market. 
Of the 467 responses, what rings out most clearly is the sense of betrayal, sadness, and frustration. Many wrote to us about their impressive student evaluations while noting that they are almost never tied to pay or contract renewals. They noted that without a union they would be far worse off—or that they wanted to organize, but were too scared of reprisal. 
We also saw the other side of adjuncting: Many respondents wrote that they live happy, fruitful lives. These people treat adjuncting as a side job and feel fulfilled by their work, both inside and outside of the classroom. While most people agreed that adjuncting couldn't possibly be a full-time job, they appreciated the flexibility of teaching a few classes in addition to their other work. The large majority of respondents said what keeps them in the classroom is the students.


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