A new logo for Tennessee state government comes with criticism. This replaces over twenty old, separate logos, however. From the Tennessean.

New TN logo not replacing tristar or flag, state says
You've probably seen it by now: a "TN" inside a red box floating above a blue stripe. 
You've probably seen the price tag for the logo — $46,000 — and criticism that it could've been designed by a child. 
You won't see that new Tennessee state logo on the state flag or replacing the tristar symbol, though, said David Smith, a spokesman for Gov. Bill Haslam. 
"To be clear: nothing is happening to the flag, tri-stars or state seal," Smith said Tuesday in an email to The Tennessean. 
"There is no singular graphic identity for state government currently. This (is) about a consistent graphic identity for state government. The flag and tri-stars are bigger than state government."


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