Some tips for last minute events

That could be helpful at the last minute for any conference that needs an attendance boost.  By  Katharine Fong in Smart Meetings.

6 Tips for Last-Minute Events
It happens more often than you’d like: You’re tasked with pulling off a conference or event just a few days beforehand. It’s a stressful situation, no doubt about it, but the job needs to be done, and done well. Besides, if there’s one thing meeting planners are good at, it’s multitasking, right? 
The trick, says Dan McCarthy, event manager at VenueSeeker, is to come up with an organized plan. In a blog post on Bizzabo, he also suggests 6 tips for last-minute events. Our condensed version:
1. Focus on Quality, not Quantity
Zero in on prospective guests who really want to be at your event, rather than a mass mailing to every Tom, Dick and Harry who will turn out for the food and drinks. Take the time to send loyal followers a personal invitation by email, text or social media post. Or consider paid online advertisements through Google Adwords, Facebook or Twitter. 
2. Involve Key Participants
If you have event speakers, emcees and affiliates, have them spread the word through their own contacts. You can encourage participation with incentives, such as a free subscription or a product of their choosing for members who sell X number of tickets. 
You can also think of a sales reward tier level, especially for event partners, such as: 
-5 tickets sold: $20 gift card
-10 tickets sold: free 6-month subscription of your service


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