We have a B.A.S. degree

And I've been thinking about how to add a competency-based component to it.  Even badges are under consideration at this point.  Not sure I'd go completely this way, however.  This does show that the old degree completion route without some sort of vocational orientation is probably declining. From The Chronicle of Higher Education.

New Graduates Test the Promise of Competency-Based Education
So the professors and administrators designed a bachelor of applied arts and sciences in organizational leadership, with a largely standardized series of courses and a competency-based model. The development phase attracted money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Educause, and the program is now delivered in hybrid form, in person and online, at South Texas and entirely online through Commerce. 
Students pay $750 each for a seven-week term, during which they complete as many "competencies" as they can. That means mastering skills like problem solving and applied research, as demonstrated on written assignments or video presentations. The competencies are woven into courses for the major as well as general-education requirements. 
The biggest stumbling block for faculty members was terminology, said Ricky F. Dobbs, a professor of history at Commerce and dean of its University College. 
"You can make the word ‘competency’ mean just about anything," he said. As part of a team of faculty members and administrators that was creating the program, Mr. Dobbs and his colleagues used learning outcomes defined by the Association of American Colleges and Universities to develop a set of broad competencies in areas like change management, organizational behavior, and information literacy.


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