What's the value of a for-profit associate degree?

Not so much.  I've never understood why someone would choose a for-profit associate degree program over a public community college.  Public community colleges are workforce focused, convenient, and relatively inexpensive.  From The Pacific Standard.

University of Washington sociologist Patrick Denice reports that the answer depends in large part on whether you stick it out and earn the equivalent of a four-year degree. 
Using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997, he finds that people who hold Bachelor’s degrees from for-profit schools earn roughly the same amount as those who hold equivalent diplomas from non-profit colleges and universities. 
However, those with Associate’s degrees from for-profit schools earn lower hourly wages than their counterparts who attended traditional institutions. Indeed, he writes in the journal Social Science Research, their earnings “are not significantly different than high school graduates.’”


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