Alex, I'll take

Things your kids will ask that make you feel ancient for $100.  Here are three of the fifteen found in The Week.

15 common expressions younger generations won't understand
1. Why do we "hang up" a phone?
Phones used to have two parts to them, a base and a receiver. In order to end a call, the receiver had to be placed or "hung" on the base.
2. Why do we "dial" a phone?
To call someone on an old phone, you had to stick your finger in a rotating dial at number positions that would turn the dial for various lengths of time when released. You had to do the entire number every time.
3. Why does a phone or alarm clock "ring"?
Now phones and alarm clocks can make any kind of sound to catch your attention, but a long time ago, phones and alarm clocks had little bells inside them for this purpose.


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