And here I am using Calibri

Like a jerk.  Sigh.  I remember when I barely knew what a font was.  And I used to work at a newspaper.  Now I have to choose from hundreds of them. From Mainstreet.

Why Using Times New Roman on Your Resume Is Like Wearing Sweatpants to an Interview
Using that typeface is the equivalent of "wearing sweatpants to an interview, according to Bloomberg. Other fonts to avoid, according to the Bloomberg report? Avoid Zapfino, which is to stylized and sweeping; Courier, which appears anachronistic as if punched out on a typewriter; and Comic Sans, which appears goofy and inspires rage. Instead, your C.V should have the correct fonts. 
Helvetica is earnest and digestible, Proxima Nova is a rounder version of Helvetica and Garamond is an ever sophisticated option. 
Of course, job seekers make mistakes beyond selecting the wrong typeface. 


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