Fired for the "F" word

Hmmm.  What academic freedom?  From The Advocate.

An LSU associate professor has been fired for using curse words and for telling the occasional sexually-themed joke to undergraduate students, creating what university administrators describe as a “hostile learning environment” that amounted to sexual harassment. 
A faculty committee that reviewed her case gave a few “notable” examples: Saying “F*** no” repeatedly in the presence of students, using a slang term for vagina that implies cowardice and telling a joke that the quality of sex gets worse the longer a relationship lasts. 
Teresa Buchanan, who specializes in early childhood education and trains elementary school teachers, is fighting back. 
The tenured faculty member said she’s the victim of a “witch hunt,” and plans to take the university to court for wrongful dismissal.
Her dismissal took effect June 19. 
The 20-year veteran of LSU argues that she has never sexually harassed anyone, though she acknowledged using profanity every so often and making jokes to keep the attention of her students or to jolt them to consider classroom issues they hadn’t considered.


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