The advantages of dual enrollment

I'm getting immersed in dual enrollment since I'm on the dissertation committee of a doctoral student studying this. He'll be looking at its impact on a Tennessee population attending a local community college.  From The Atlantic.

High schools across the country are taking what might seem like a counterintuitive approach to educating some of their most at-risk students. 
They’re enrolling them in college before they even graduate from high school.
A new report from the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy suggests that dual-enrollment programs, where students take classes simultaneously in high school and at a local college, have proven especially successful at getting less-affluent and first-generation students into college—and through it. 
“It’s an acknowledgement of the changing demands of our society and the need of our education system to better equip students for the 21st century,” Chad d’Entremont, executive director of the center, told National Journal
Enrolling high schoolers in college programs helps schools catch weaknesses early, which can help them avoid costly classes later. 
Such programs, the center argues in its report, “have the potential to increase the size and diversity of the college-going population.” 
And as high schools see an increasingly heterogeneous student body, interest is growing, d’Entremont says.
Students often enter college without a clear understanding of what is expected of them, and many drop out when challenges arise. That’s especially true for less-affluent students, those who are the first in their families to pursue higher education, and those who do not have access to people with college experience who can offer guidance. A host of factors are at play, but inadequate academic preparation is key, the report argues. 
Other research from the American Institutes for Research supports the theory that students who enroll in early-college programs are more likely to then enroll at an institution full time, than their peers in traditional high-school programs.


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