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Let's kill all the lawyers. Or if Shakespeare's advice doesn't work, maybe think about killing a few law schools?  From

Is It Time To Start Shutting Down Law Schools?
Years of a disappointing job market for lawyers have dramatically reduced the number of people interested in getting a law degree. Just under 53,000 people are expected to apply to law schools by the beginning of the 2015 academic year, according to the Law School Admission Council, down from more than 100,000 in 2004. 
Instead of making more things that fewer and fewer people want to pay for, one thought would be to eliminate some of those things. Are there law schools that should disappear? “Maybe,” says Al Brophy, a law professor at UNC. “But how is that going to happen?" he asks. "Will it happen because places say voluntarily, ‘hey, we aren’t making money, so we should shut down?’”  
Schools will not volunteer for their own demise, Brophy says, partly because so many people – alumni, faculty, staff – have a strong interest in keeping the end at bay. “It is going to take a lot to have schools shut down. What I think we are going to find is that they are going to be able to operate on shoestring budgets.”


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