This is good idea that hasn't received much publicity

Summer bridge programs have been around at universities for years, and it's good that they are duplicating that experience at community colleges.  If these are the most vulnerable of the at-rick students served by Promise, this will help them succeed.  And that benefits everyone.  From The Tennessean.

Hundreds of Tennessee Promise students across the state are beginning a three-week "academic boot camp" Monday, an effort officials hope will help them clear some of the hurdles typically faced by first generation college students. 
Reams of research show that first generation college students, Tennessee Promise's target population, are the most likely to drop out early, stymied by unfamiliar college terrain. Many of them aren't prepared for the academic rigor of higher education. And those who are face culture shock on campus. 
"The statistics are not good, not in our favor," said Krissy DeAlejandro, executive director of tnAchieves, a nonprofit that works with the state to guide Tennessee Promise students. 
DeAlejandro and her staff designed the Tennessee Promise Summer Bridge Program to anticipate the students' challenges. During what she called an "academic boot camp," students in the Bridge Program will receive intensive training in college-level mathematics and English. They also will meet with their campus leaders and advisers, laying the groundwork for the first day of the fall semester in August. 
"We wanted to bring that group of students in and try to increase their lexicon around college going," she said. 
More than 750 Tennessee Promise students agreed to attend the voluntary three-week program, which is taking place at each of the 13 public community colleges in Tennessee. If the program is successful, DeAlejandro said, more of those students will be armed with the tools they need to graduate with a degree in two years.


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