Where the grads are...

Someone waits for me. This could be the Achilles Heel of the Drive to 55--will we increase the number of college graduates only to have them relocate to other areas? This is one case where efforts aimed at adult students may show greater ROI. After all, adults typically have already laid down roots in a community or state. From the Pacific Standard.

The Futility of Trying to Attract (and Retain) College Graduates
Since 1970, the smartest metros have attracted more and more college graduates. The distribution of talent is divergent, concentrating in a few places. That divergence has gone hand-in-hand with economic prosperity. Thus, every city or town aimed to attract and retain people sporting at least a bachelor's degree. 
Not for the lack of trying everything and anything, brain drain continued to vex the losers. Which raises the question, why do college graduates move where they move? Seemingly begging the question, smart people moved to where smart people lived. That was the 1990s. 


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