Worried by low registration numbers?

Some tips to improve registrations, including overlooked items like making sure the registration system is working properly. From Melanie Woodward, writing in Eventplanning.about.com.

The Event Organizer In-Depth Guide to Tackling Low Registrations
Picture the scene… you’ve set up what promised to be a highly successful corporate event, potential attendees have been contacted by email and telephone. You’ve advertised and used all means at your disposal to achieve the delegate numbers you know you need for the event to give you a return on investment. 
The problem is, registrations are just not coming in at the rate you expected and you can see problems on the horizon if you don’t take action.
As the event organizer, you need to make an immediate re-evaluation of your event planning process and most importantly of all, sell your registration spots. 
If you're having trouble getting people to buy tickets to your events, use The Event Organizer In-Depth Guide to Tackling Low Registrations; our 10 Practical Steps to Solving an Event Organizer’s Worst Nightmare.


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