There's one great college to work for in Tennessee

Austin Peay State University. Hmmmmm. But my friends at Murray State University got some love. Or is it, gave some love? From The Chronicle of Higher Education.

For the list, go here:

Great Colleges to Work For 2015

For more information, go here:

How Great Colleges Distinguish Themselves
Back in 2008, The Chronicle of Higher Education and ModernThink LLC partnered to create the Great Colleges to Work For program. The top goal was to conduct research that would help leaders understand and leverage the key success factors that differentiate great places to work in academe. In 2015 the program attracted 281 institutional applicants from across the country. 
Out of all of the applicants this year, 86 colleges and universities were highlighted in one or more of 12 recognition categories. Each category represents a key driver of workplace quality (e.g., Collaborative Governance, Senior Leadership, Job Satisfaction, etc.). Forty-two of those 86 recognized colleges received accolades in multiple categories, thereby distinguishing themselves as the best of the best and earning a spot on the Honor Roll. 
While it is true that even great colleges cannot please all of their people all of the time, the Honor Roll institutions have won the hearts, loyalties, and discretionary efforts of the vast majority of their faculty and staff members. Here we examine what distinguishes the recognized colleges, especially those on the Honor Roll, from the other 195 institutions.


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