I resemble that remark

Messy desk, clear goals.  Or so the research suggests....From The Pacific Standard.

But recent research suggests there is a method to my messiness. I may not have realized it, but it seems all that clutter serves as something of a catalyst. 
"When environmental cues trigger an experience of disorder ... people are more attracted to clear, well-defined goals, and motivated to attain them," write Bob Fennis and Jacob Wiebenga of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. This dynamic, they add, is "driven by the need to reaffirm perceptions of order." 
In other words, the researchers argue in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, we have a basic need for order and structure, and if we don't find it in our immediate environment, we are driven to create it somewhere. Setting (and achieving) goals fulfills that role quite nicely.


ericaclayton said…

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