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Why Newsletter Marketing Is Making a Comeback
Today, however, consumers are increasingly overwhelmed with online information overload. With so much content on social media, it’s difficult to know what's relevant. And, from a marketer's point of view, social media may be performing worse than ever as a marketing channel. Organic reach is declining as platforms pressure brands to pay to play and consumer attention is scarce. As a result, consumers and marketers alike are returning their focus to email. In fact, 63 percent of marketers now use newsletters as part of their email marketing strategy, according to Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing report.
A newsletter is a distinct type of email marketing. Rather than typical marketing emails that highlight a specific product or are the result of a transaction, newsletters are much more general and tend to be purely content-focused. It’s a “softer” form of marketing with links to both original and curated blog content or news that may or may not be related to the product or service the company is selling. Delivered on a regular cadence ranging from daily to monthly, the intent of a newsletter is to build thought leadership and directly deliver to consumers the best, most relevant content that meets their needs or piques their interest. For businesses looking to reach their audience directly, crafting a newsletter can offer a unique set of benefits. 


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