UT President is interviewed by The Chronicle

Concerning the brouhaha over gender-neutral pronouns and diversity spending. From The Chronicle of Higher Education.

When Overseeing a University System Means Defusing Lawmaker Outrage
 Q. Some of the lawmakers asked how you are measuring diversity, and whether any amount will be deemed enough. What is your answer to such questions? 
A. If we could have a day where we could be guaranteed we would never have a hostile issue about somebody’s preference or views — whether it be sexual orientation, political views, First Amendment rights, religious rights — if we knew that we had gotten there, then our programs are probably adequate. 
But I don’t think that is anything but utopic in nature. We are spending what we can afford right now. I think it’s prudent to spend the amount we do. I remind everybody that the total, $5.5 million, is about 25 hundredths of a percent of our annual expenditures.


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