Is number 42.  On GrubHub's list of the 50 most caffeinated colleges. From Time. The methodology might be a little suspect...

Millions of students return to campus this week preparing for another year of late nights studying and early-morning classes (or just late nights and no studying). 
Who’s struggling the most to stay awake? 
Online food delivery company GrubHub, which now serves more than 20 million meals each quarter, analyzed delivery orders sent to more than 100 colleges in 47 states during the 2014-2015 academic year to see which students are ordering the most caffeine. (The company used e-mail addresses ending in .edu to determine which orders came from people associated with college and universities.) 
By tallying up the orders that had the highest percentage of coffee drinks, energy drinks and all eye-opening cups in between, the company has crowned Lehigh University, the private school in Bethlehem, Penn., America’s most caffeinated school.


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