Don't worry, be happy

According to this recent survey, only half of college graduates think college was worth it. If half our graduates are unhappy, imagine what the many drop-outs think. Unsurprisingly, those that like us feel more engaged with us. From CBS MoneyWatch.

The Gallup-Purdue study pinpointed the following six factors that the researchers said strongly related to great jobs and satisfying lives after college: 
  • Had at least one professor who made students excited about learning.
  • Had professors who cared about the student as a person.
  • Had a mentor who encouraged the student to pursue goals and dreams.
  • Worked on a project that took at least a semester to complete.
  • Had internship or job that allowed student to apply what was learned in the classroom.
  • Was extremely active in collegiate extracurricular activities. 
Sadly, only 3 percent of graduates who participated in the first Gallup-Purdue survey could answer yes to all six factors.


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