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Take the time to smell the roses. No, not the virtual roses, the real roses. From The Open Forum.

When Was the Last Time You Truly Unplugged?
By not taking a break, you may be missing an opportunity to reflect and grow your business. Having a chance to truly dream, or brainstorm is invaluable to your business. It has the potential to re-energize you. 
Totally unplugging is not an easy task. It takes deliberate planning and resolve to make it happen. So start small. Close the laptop and put the phone on airplane mode for an hour. Read an actual paper book or let your mind wander. I’ve found that during these times I'll often figure out hard problems, solely from the fact that I’ve given my mind leeway to unplug. 
From a higher level, it’s more about being in control of the technology and not letting the technology control you. You may immediately start to see the benefits from unplugging. The first for me was the amount of clarity that comes without the constant subconscious tug of being connected. When my mind accepted the fact that I couldn’t whip out my smartphone at the first hint of boredom, I began to mentally twitch less. Pretty soon the impulse was entirely gone. 


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