Dance to the

Doctorate. And here I though just defending my dissertation was the hard part...From Good.

Get Academically Funky With the Winners of the 2015 ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ Contest
Interpretive dance. Is there anything it can’t do? 
Sure, most people use it to express the subtleties of the human experience and the innermost fluctuations of the soul, but if you’re Florence Metz, you use it for a wholly different purpose: to explain your doctoral thesis on water protection policy.  
Metz, a graduate student at Switzerland’s University of Bern, is the winner of this year’s “Dance Your Ph.D.” contest, beating out 31 other doctoral theses for the annual competition’s top honor. Metz’s routine, based on her work studying the policies around water protection and conservation, tops off at just under 10 minutes, in which “several dancing styles (hip-hop, house, salsa, acrobatics) stand for diverse political groups, which fight over the use and the protection of water resources.”

Now in its eighth year, the Dance Your Ph.D. contest is split into four categories: Social Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Winners in each category take home $500, with Metz’s grand-prize-winning routine earning her an additional $500, as well as a trip to Stanford University for a special screening of her dance video. 


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