Those zany millennials

Not even standing desks?  From Slate.

Hotels Think Millennials Don’t Use Desks—So They’re Making Rooms Desk-Free
When the sports journalist Dan Wetzel checked into his Charlotte hotel room last Saturday, he was troubled to find it was missing one crucial feature: a desk. And as he soon learned, it wasn’t an isolated oversight. Lamenting its absence in an essay on his personal blog, he claims that its omission is part of a chain-wide redesign, one that supposedly caters to the alleged values of millennials who apparently want nothing to do with desks. 
As the Wall Street Journal reported last year, the Great Marriott Deskodus has actually been underway for some time, though its effects are evidently becoming harder and harder to avoid. “Millennials live out of their suitcases… so the company has made closets smaller and TVs and bathrooms bigger,” the Journal wrote at the time, adding that the company had “gotten rid of in-room desks in many hotels” as part of the same initiative. 
Marriott (which did not respond to a request for comment) trumpets these changes on its website, going so far as to describe them as transformative “innovations” designed to create the “hotel room of the future.” There, however, they don’t advertise the absence of desks so much as the availability of more flexible options. Rooms now include “tables that move with you,” the site claims, accompanying this otherwise unexplained assertion with a photo of a smiling woman, spread out on a bed, remote in hand and popcorn at the ready.


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