I'm a vert, you're a vert

We're all verts to some degree. Ambiverts? I'll add this in my personality profile file. From The Muse.

5 Signs You're a Real, Live Ambivert, Just Living Among Introverts and Extroverts
Given their social and outgoing natures, extroverts have never had much trouble gaining acceptance in the business world. In fact, they’ve been seen as sales naturals for decades. Meanwhile, introverts have recently staged an upsurgence, agitating for acceptance of their quieter but no less successful methods of doing business. 
But often lost in the back and forth between the two well-known personality types is a startling fact—most people are neither. 
“More than half the population is ambiverted,” according to Wharton School professor Adam Grant, Elizabeth Bernstein has reported in the WSJ. And what’s more, ambiverts actually have advantages over those who live more on the ends of the introversion-extroversion scale. 
A study of salespeople published in 2013 “showed that the social and emotional flexibility of the ambiverts in the group made them superior salespeople,” notes Bernstein. “The employees with the highest revenue per hour—an average of $208, compared with $138 for the full sample—were ambiverts who had a personality test score exactly between extroversion and introversion.”


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