Professionalism 101

Tips on conduct in the workplace from Robert Herjavec. From Fortune.

Gone are the days of formality where people dressed for work like they were going to a wedding. Today, we thrive in a culture that comes with flexible work hours, the ability to work remotely, and company socials for co-workers and clients to mingle outside of the office. So it’s no surprise that personal lines get blurred and professionalism can be compromised. 
But maintaining a level of professionalism when associating with co-workers is still crucial. Don’t get me wrong, building relationships with colleagues outside of work is beneficial — teams bond through a work hard, play hard mentality. I have a great team at Herjavec Group. We’re aligned on our goals, and celebrate our wins together. Team building events, holiday parties, and after work drinks allow us all to get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere. But just remember, there is no “after hours” when your boss is around. 


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