Tennessee is the 19th best

State to retire in, according to a survey by Bankrate.com. Interestingly enough, the best is Wyoming. I dunno, it would take a lot for me to want to retire to Wyoming. I'd rather go where the boat leaves from. What's the worst?  New York. Meh. This slide show comes from CBS Moneywatch.

Best and worst U.S. states for retirement
In its latest survey, Bankrate.com used six criteria to determine which states are the best and worst for retirees: cost of living, taxes, health care, weather, crime and residents' overall well-being. And the results produced some surprises. 
Traditional retirement spots didn't fare as well as those generally not considered retirement meccas. For example, while many people think of beaches when they think about retirement, only one of Bankrate's 10 best states for retirement touches the Atlantic or Pacific oceans or the Gulf of Mexico -- and nine of the 12 worst are coastal states. 
Some popular states also ranked poorly primarily because densely populated areas tend to be expensive places to live, and that can put a lot of financial pressure on those with a fixed income. 
But Many Western states did do well in the rankings, mirroring the demographic trend that has prompted many Americans to move West in droves in recent decades, drawn by majestic vistas, sunny skies and easy access to outdoor activities the region has to offer.


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