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Drones. Or, Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Textbook case for a college to be nimble. From AACC 21st-Century Center.

Staying Agile With Workforce Training
Besides its flexible curriculum model, Norris credits two other key elements for the success of Sinclair’s UAS training center: taking a long view of the project as an investment rather than an expense; and taking a partnership approach to the project’s development. 
Before the college could begin offering courses in UAS technology, it had to spend money on preliminary steps, such as figuring out now to access air space for the drones, building the simulation labs and hiring subject-matter experts to design the curriculum. 
“The reason that we were able to do this,” Norris says, “is that we have a very visionary board and president/CEO that allowed us to do this as an investment. They saw this as future payoff.” 
It also was important that the college join forces with others in carrying out its mission to become a leader in UAS workforce development
“Out of the gate, we knew we didn’t want to be an island,” says Norris, who encourages other community college administrators to contact Sinclair to learn more about its experience. “We wanted to have partners in industry, academia and government that could help us, and we could help them.”


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