Promises kept

This is good news on the retention front. I had heard rumors that the 15 hour enrollment requirement had hurt student success at community college. It would appear that was not the case, at least not initially. From The Tennessean.

More than 80 percent of Tennessee Promise students who went to college in the fall returned for their second semester, the clearest indication yet of the scholarship program's continued durability. 
Data released by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission showed an average retention rate of 80.6 percent for the 16,291 students who used the scholarship program to go to community or technical college tuition-free. 
Almost 95 percent of Tennessee Promise students who enrolled at technical colleges in the fall returned in the spring, according to the commission. Retention at community colleges and Austin Peay State University, which enrolled some Tennessee Promise associate degree students, stood at 78.5 percent.


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