The Chancellor couldn't stay off his phone during Palo Alto College's Commencement? He knew he was on stage, right? From

Photos show Alamo Colleges chancellor on phone as graduating students cross stage
Alamo Colleges Chancellor Bruce Leslie is facing harsh criticism on social media Monday after photos circulated showing him using his phone during a Palo Alto College commencement ceremony over the weekend. 
Tony Villanueva, president of Palo Alto's American Association of University Professors chapter, said the chancellor was on his phone for at least 40 minutes during Saturday's 3 p.m. ceremony.
"Somebody next to me timed it," said Villanueva, who was at the ceremony. 
Villanueva said that he has received emails from Palo Alto students and faculty who are hoping to take action by informing the Alamo Colleges Board of Trustees. 
Leo Zuniga, associate vice chancellor of communication for Alamo Colleges, said he doesn't have all the information regarding the incident, but said the chancellor may have been taking care of "something urgent."


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