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Moving in. From NBC News.

Ready for College Move-In Day? Ten Tips to Help Parents and Teens Prepare
All summer long, that big milestone looms for incoming college freshmen and their parents: Move-in day. 
College move-in day is typically hot, hectic, and an emotional whirlwind. But there's good news: While it's easy to feel utterly unprepared, there are many steps you can take to make the day easier. 
For starters, parents need to remember that this generation doesn't need everything at school like your generation did. The risk for most parents is sending their teen to college with too much stuff — not too little. If your college student needs anything, many major national retailers sell dorm room furnishings, and many offer free shipping. 
So rather than wasting money and time piling your car high with items that will never get used, pick and pack the basics, the items you are sure your teen will use, and then let them order online whatever they find they need later.


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