Dorm living

Never heard of bed risers with power outlets in them. From Lifehacker.

Welcome to your new digs, college students. Hope you enjoy sharing a tiny space with one (or more) roommates. Before you move yourself in, here are a few tricks you can use to make your little area go a long way, especially in a shared living environment. 
Use Bed Risers to Give Yourself Extra Storage Space (and Power Outlets)

This trick is useful in any small living space, but it becomes especially handy in dorm rooms. These bed risers from Bed Bath and Beyond not only give you an extra seven inches of space underneath your bed, but one of them has two USB outlets and two regular power outlets embedded in them. 
The riser plugs are a handy way to let roommates share an outlet that would otherwise be hidden behind a bed. Instead of one person hogging two outlets, you can have your phone (or a power strip) plugged into one outlet and share the other with your roommates. In dorms where there’s an inexplicable lack of sufficient power outlets, this can be a godsend. Oh, and look at all that extra space under your bed you have now! If the beds in your dorm allow it, you can also consider bunking your beds to get even more floor space.


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