More Nashville controversy over removing Confederate

From Vanderbilt's Confederate Hall. This time from a sports talk show host. Makes me like Jack Daniels even more. From The Tennessean.

Popular sports talk show host Clay Travis said Wednesday that Jack Daniel's nixed a promotion deal with him because of two tweets criticizing Vanderbilt University's decision to remove the word "Confederate" from the face of a residence hall. 
Travis wrote a blog post blasting the decision to officially rename Confederate Memorial Hall, which the university announced Monday. In tweetspromoting the post, he called the decision "unbelievable" and said "PC Bromanis & Middle Eastern terrorists have same response to history that upsets them, erase it all." 
In a post published Wednesday, Travis said Jack Daniel's had terminated a $3,000 deal to promote the Tennessee whiskey maker's new Jack Fire brand on Travis' Twitter and Facebook accounts because of his Tweets about the Vanderbilt decision. In an email Travis posted to his site, an unnamed Jack Daniel's representative said Travis' Twitter commentary "brings (the company) into public disrepute" and "offends the general community."


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