Promises, promises

A nice piece from The Tennessean on the experiences of several students with Tennessee Promise. Some successes, some failures. Many have difficulties completing the FAFSA, a common story among first generation college students.

A year in, students have range of Tennessee Promise stories
Students are at the heart of the Tennessee Promise scholarship program, but no one story encapsulates each of their experiences going into the program's second school year. 
The Tennessean began following several students through the program early in 2015. Their stories illustrate some of the ways the program has shaped lives across the state. 
In an email, Mike Krause, the Tennessee Promise executive director, said "trying to reach students wherever they may be in life" is one of the main challenges for the program. 
"Some students will follow a very direct path, others may persist in college but without Tennessee Promise support," he said. "Whatever the specific situation, the data are clear that the Tennessee Promise has changed the conversation about going to college in Tennessee, and we will be laser focused on ensuring the conversation about completing college changes as well.” 


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