Tennessee helping ITT Tech students

After it closes its campuses in Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Cordova and Johnson City. Cordova? The Tennessee Higher Education Commission is trying to help ITT Tech students continue their postsecondary education. Since ITT Tech was not regionally accredited, its students will find it hard to transfer to more reputable institutions. It's more than a "bureaucratic complication." I hope their only option isn't another for-profit. From The Tennessean.

After ITT Tech closure, Tennessee rolls out student supports
During the closure process, the commission will be collecting transcripts for ITT students and building out an email distribution list to keep those students up to date as federal guidance continues to develop. Federal education officials have indicated that some ITT students might be eligible for student loan forgiveness, and Krause said the commission would link students with those resources when possible. 
The commission also is working with state colleges to develop clear transfer options that would allow ITT students to maintain their momentum and switch to other institutions. But bureaucratic complications — ITT had a national accreditation while most Tennessee schools have a different regional accreditation — likely mean that process could take months, not weeks, to iron out.​
Tennessee's commission has received positive attention for its speedy response to the ITT closure. Kim Hunter Reed, a deputy under secretary at the U.S. Department of Education, praised Krause and the commission on Twitter. 
"Grateful to leaders across the country working to assist students with academic transitions," she wrote.


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