Tennessee places two cities on this list

Of America's ten most affordable cities. Nashville at seven and Memphis at ten. I'm a little surprised Nashville made the list. Louisville tops the list and Lexington comes in at four. From The Financial Word.

10 Most Affordable Cities In America
7) Nashville, TN 
Nashville is one of the more popular cities on this list. Arguably the best music city in the country, with stellar restaurants featuring an array of cuisines, Nashville has everything you want in a city. 
The median household income is around $53,000, with a housing market that provides affordable rentals and housing prices with a median of about $172,000. While this ratio is a little high for this list, Nashville is still amazingly affordable. Tennessee is one of the few states that does not have an income tax, and aside from the tourist areas, most cost of living such as groceries, household items, gas and coffee are below the national average. 
Nashville is one of those great places in the country where you can celebrity watch as if you were in Hollywood, grab a bite to eat at a snazzy joint and have a few drinks while watching an up and coming new band. You can brag later that you saw them before they were famous.


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