ACHE South Call for proposals

Deadline is Approaching Soon

Don't forget that the call for proposals deadline for the ACHE South Annual Conference is November 18 at 5:00 pm. You will be notified about your submission no later than December 16th. 

Click here for information about submitting a proposal. 

Submissions this year should use "active learning" to involve your audience. Here are some suggestions for a session:

Share your program experiences… Whether you learned the hard way from your “glorious failures” or implemented a great success, tell us about your programming triumphs. Emphasis will be placed on new and innovative approaches that foster student success or target new markets.
Teach us through your research or analysis… Inform us as higher-education professionals with your recent research or analysis. Proposals in this category will be focused on best practices, new information and replicable approaches to problem solving.
Show us… Let’s get into the weeds. Sessions in this category should emphasize skill building and/or demonstrate how you and your team have approached specific opportunities or obstacles. Think of these sessions as show and tell for grown-ups!
Inspire us to lead more effectively… Let’s be honest – sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated in the ever-changing environment of higher education. Tell us how you have pulled excellence from yourself and others so we can return to our campuses and do the same!
Wow us!... Sessions in this category will include those “out of the box” ideas that we all long to implement. Maybe you have used technology or worked with your communities in new ways. Maybe you’re defining your work or measuring your impact differently. Maybe you have a creative idea to share. If so, submit your proposals in this category. We’ll be prepared to have our minds blown!

We look forward to seeing you in Memphis! 



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