Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals - 2017 ANTSHE Conference

ANTSHE Conference 2017
Kennesaw State University, Georgia
March 23 - March 25, 2017

The Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE) invites academic professionals, administrators and nontraditional students/ leaders to submit proposals for presentations at the 2017 conference. The call for proposals will remain open until February 5, 2017. All proposals will be reviewed and individuals chosen to present will be contacted within 30 days of submission.

This year's conference theme is: "Addressing the Identity Crisis: Realizing the Value in Non-Traditional Learners in Adult Programs and Initiatives...Mentoring and Mapping Their Needs for 21st Century Success"  The following primary tracks have been identified and each primary track has been broken down into the sub segments listed below.

TRACK A  -  Initiatives in Support of Adult Learner Success

1. Institutional Partnerships that Improve Completion Rates for Returning Adults

2. Prior Learning Credit and Portfolios…Best Practices and Policies

3. Establishing the Mentor/Mentee relationship with returning adults

TRACK B - Addressing Adult Student Issues

1. Achieving the Ideal Balance Between Home, Work, and College

2. Utilizing Student Organizations and Peer Networking in Support of Adults

3. Stress and Other Unseen Contributors to the Failure for the Non-Traditional Learner

4. The Battle Facing Returning Veterans in Higher Education

5. Establishing a Sense of Belonging and Inclusion for the Non-Traditional Learner in the Classroom Environment

TRACK C - Academic Professionals Serving Adult Learners

1. Enhancing Learning Support and Remediation for Adult Learners

2. Establishing Protocols to Best Serve Adult Learners

3. Capturing the Unique Experiences of Non and Post-Traditional Learners

TRACK D – Addressing Academic Challenges by Adapting and the Integrating Technology

1. Innovative Solutions to Connect with Adult Learners (i.e.-Social Media, Programs Designed to Connect with the Students, Interactive Learning Tools)

2. Utilizing Technology in the Traditional Classroom and/or the Online Environment

3. Creating a Seamless Registration and Advising Process for Adult Learners (i.e.-Counseling, Student
Services, and Financial Aid)

POSTER SESSION- Student Organizations/Professional Research Poster Session

1. ANTSHE invites all student organizations, faculty, and practitioners, exhibiting companies, industry experts, researchers, & especially college students to showcase your program, current research, products, or projects specifically related to the adult learner.  The Poster Session will be held at a specified time as outlined in the course program and will give presenters an adequate amount of time and space to highlight their work. Your poster presentation should provide a visual display of the main components of your topic or areas of research.

The Poster Session is a great opportunity for you to discuss your work with interested attendees on a more personal and informal level. In addition, you will be able to present your work to many individuals several times in the course of an hour versus just those who would attend your concurrent session. Network and exchange ideas with others who have similar interests and experiences. Receive instant feedback on your work. No need to worry about formal presentation or preparation for presenting at the conference if your poster is prepared in advance. More Poster Presenter information can be found at:


1. Roundtables offer unique opportunities for learning and to share ideas, feedback, experiences and insights on adult learner-related strategies.  ANTSHE wants to capitalize on this format. We want to build on the strengths of the roundtable format and offer the following guidelines to assist you in preparing and presenting a roundtable.

Description: Roundtables are four, 20-minute oral presentations with discussion with attendees seated around a table. Roundtable presentations typically include 20 minutes of presentation by each of the four presenters, followed by 10 minutes of discussion and feedback directed to each of the presenters. Roundtable presenters should bring targeted questions to pose to others at the table in order to learn from and with those attending. Roundtables are an ideal format for networking and in-depth discussion on a particular topic.


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