Nominate outstanding adult learners for ACE’s Student of the Year Award

​Nominations are open for the American Council on Education's Student of the Year Award, which honors adult learners who show qualities such as perseverance, the capacity to overcome great odds and the ability to inspire others to set high lifelong learning goals.

Anyone who teaches, works with or knows of eligible adult learners can submit the names of worthy individuals by using the form on ACE’s website. The winner will be recognized at ACE2017, ACE’s 99th Annual Meeting, to be held in Washington, DC, March 11-14, 2017. Adult learners also can nominate themselves, as long as they also can submit a nominating organization and statement of support.

The Student of the Year Award is presented annually by ACE to an individual who has benefited academically or professionally from the use of ACE credit recommendations for workforce or military training. Recipients must demonstrate outstanding achievements in their community or workplace while successfully balancing demands such as family, career and education.

ACE's College Credit Recommendation Service and Military Evaluations evaluate workplace education and training programs or military courses and occupations and recommend academic credit at the college level.

The award was presented last year to Mario Sankis, a former Marine, retired police officer and cancer survivor.

Click here for more information. Please email or call 866-205-6267 with questions.

Nomination forms must be received by Dec. 16.

Visit the ACE 2017 website for more information and to register for the meeting.


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