"But now we're stressed out..."

Here are two of the nine signs that indicated you need time off. There are few breaks between Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday and the next holiday. From Paste.

Stress Test: 9 Signs That You Need a Break
1. Persistent Headache
Your brain is incredibly powerful and controls almost everything in your body. It releases the stress hormones that tell your body how to react. It controls the nerves, muscles and ligaments that tense up and bear stress-related injury. It control the immune, heart and stomach reactions to stress as well. When your body tenses in any area for too long, it can lead to headache issues, whether that stems from tension at the back of the neck or sinus complications from a reduced immune system. 
2. Sore Muscles
Muscle tension is the body’s reflex reaction to stress, says the American Psychological Association. It’s a gut-reaction guard against injury and pain. Tense shoulders, neck and back can hurt daily — and lead to those migraine and tension headaches mentioned above.


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