Lifehacker's Five Questions to Ask

During your job interview. Here's number three:
3. Do Team Members Typically Go Out for Lunch, or Do They Eat at Their Desks? 
This isn’t a weird question, and you can ask it in a way that comes across as you trying to get a feel for how friendly and connected your team is (or isn’t), or how relaxed the environment is (or isn’t). But, assuming the interviewer is up front with his or her answer, here’s what else you’ll be able to ascertain: Are these people overworked to the point that they can’t keep up without working through lunch hours? (And, will your future manager expect you to follow suit?) 
Teams whose members never take breaks are typically tired, unhappy teams. Sleuth this one out, especially if you’re not one who enjoys being chained to your desk for several hours straight every day.


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