Tennessee comes in at number 10

In a list of the worst states for careless and reckless driving behavior. Number one, or the worst, is Montana. The best is Virginia, of all places. From the Auto Insurance Center.

2nd Annual Study of America's Fatal Crash Causes
Most of us probably consider ourselves to be safe drivers. Unfortunately, not everyone is. Some individuals can be reckless and downright dangerous on the road, putting everyone around them at risk. This type of driving behavior has only increased with the use of technology, which has led to higher rates of distracted drivers on the road. 
Regarding careless and reckless driving behavior, Montana had the greatest number of fatalities due to this type of driving – 108 fatalities per 100,000 residents. A common behavior cited in crash deaths in Montana was a lack of seat belt use, in addition to speeding and alcohol consumption. The next state to have the highest fatalities due to careless and reckless driving was Arkansas (86 fatalities). 
The states with the least number of deaths caused by dangerous driving were Virginia (1.42 fatalities), New York (2.01 fatalities), Indiana (2.14 fatalities) and California (2.84 fatalities).


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