Ain't just a term in football. The rates in Tennessee, and actually all over, should be better. From The Tennessean.

While state efforts have helped boost college readiness and access to higher education, college completion rates remain “unacceptably low,” according to a report released Wednesday. 
On average, less than 45 percent of students at Tennessee two- and four-year public colleges complete their degrees, according to Complete Tennessee’s “Room to Grow” report. 
The low completion rates — Tennessee ranks 38th in the nation in public university graduation rates and 40th in community college graduation rates — could have repercussions for students and employers. 
Students who don’t complete their college degrees are more likely to incur debt and have lower salaries and a lower quality of life, said Kenyetta Lovett, executive director of Complete Tennessee, a non-profit focused on increasing postsecondary access and completion. 
And as more jobs require college degrees, low completion rates in the state may cause problems for employers, according to the report. 
Twenty-eight higher education institutions in Tennessee, most of them community colleges, do not graduate more than half of students in a timely matter, the report says. 
College completion rates are even lower for racial minorities and low-income students.


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